EGKK London Gatwick V2.0 for X-Plane is here!


The team have spent the last few months, alongside the London City Project, developing London Gatwick version 2.0!

This huge update introduces the new Pier 1, adds World Traffic 3 compatibility and much more! Here is the full release log:


  • Added Pier 1 & Surroundings
  • PBR ground overall with specular (Concrete tiles, asphalt)
  • World Traffic 3 compatibility (Removed static planes)
  • Fixed AI traffic routes
  • General misc object placement/ clutter around the new pier
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Revamped apron lights, utilising PBR reflections and custom spills
  • Added Green walkways & new taxiways
  • Updated airport layout, start gates and ground poly placement (To date)


£15.99 - London Gatwick



To get the latest version please re-download from the place of purchase.


£15.99 - London Gatwick

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